Monday, April 2, 2012

Wankery with BbFCGDG

Spent a little time with Bb1-F2-C3-G3-D4-G4 again today, both open and with partial capos (003333, 033333, 001111, and 444400.  I think I'm going to like this tuning.

Started working with Scott Tennant's Pumping Nylon, and I think that book is going to be a big eye-opener for some right hand techniques.  My fingers are starting to find some comfort in scale runs, but studying Tennant's work may be a quicker path there.  Very well, exercises then.  Not a bad thing.  :-)

Tried to pick up the G-major Bach Cello Prelude again and some of it fell quite naturally into the fingerstyle idiom.  I think it may be good for me to get a couple of old tunes back into the fingers with this new style, in addition to the structured exercises and some good old fashioned wankery.  At some point (soon, I hope) I'll start to put some recording mojo into place.  (The upstairs office is only a session or two away from this possibility, and I'm starting to taste it.)

Anyway, to document.  Tonight I spent most of my time in minor mode, trying to feel fingers, rhythm, transitions, and movement between techniques (slap harmonics, straight notes, popped harmonics, rasgueados, etc.);  there's a lot just in there that I'll have to pay attention to.  But it's coming.

  • Keep the classical in standard tuning, at least through working with Tennant's book.  
  • Until reconfiguring as a 5-string, string the Guitalong in 6 nylons, D3-D2-A2-E3-B3-E4, standard string set with "4th string" on 6,  "6th string" on 5, and "5th string" on 4.  Give that a shot.
  • I'm liking the idea of working up the SoloEtte as "do-all" instrument, with GraphTech Ghost system and one or two mag pickups for ebow.  That could be a nice arrangement.
Now:  sleep.