Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Phil Keaggy - County Down

For anyone who, for whatever reason, might stumble across this post:  I would humbly implore you to improve your life just a little bit by stopping what you're doing and watching this performance.  Get up close, play it through the best audio system you have available, and let yourself get into it--you won't be disappointed.

Well...actually, you may be the way the video ends.  (I, for one, really would have wanted to see how he ends the piece.)

I find it difficult to overstate the sheer musicality of Phil Keaggy's acoustic instrumental music, and this is not a genre that is exactly bereft of massive talent.  Here, you can see a pretty full range of his gifts:  aside from some of the obvious technical facility and "unusual" (for anyone outside the genre) techniques, I am most struck by his command of dynamics and the exquisitely beautiful arrangement.  Simply fantastic.

There are uncountable great musicians, and then there are some who, it seems clear, are on a temporary loan program from something bigger than us.  Although I came to Keaggy late and still need to explore more of his work, it sure seems like he may have a place in that latter group.

Chalk one up in the "needed to hear that today" category.