Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still here...

...and for the first time in a long while I got some good time--that is, time enough actually to start listening--in with an instrument.  In this case it was the SoloEtte, still tuned in DADFAD, through the iPhone and the Line 6 MobileIn interface.  (The open minor seems to suit me pretty well.)

Very percussive feeling today--most likely some frustration working itself out.  A few discoveries about the tuning's geometries, which hopefully I'll be able to follow up on soon.  Also some hand mechanics fell a little more into place;  based upon John Danley's Satori being stuck in my head, I learned a couple of things about the Preston Reed-style "over the fingerboard" left hand which are intriguing.  (I may have to study Tractor Pull a little more.  :-)

Episodes like this seem to serve two purposes.  First, they frustrate me greatly as I am reminded that the state of being "all ideas, no discipline" is severely limiting.  Gah! 

On the other hand, they also can fuel me so that I can survive these agonizingly long periods between sessions.