Monday, March 14, 2016

A couple of drum documents.

Never mind how I came about them--again, YouTube is a marvelous thing--here are a couple of clips that seemed worth documenting to me.

First, Carl Palmer.  I've never much paid attention to ELP.  Tried to, once upon a time, and I could certainly see the skills there, but in the end I just could not get past my molecular-level distaste for wanky synthesizer sounds, no matter how inventive they may have been.  (Apologies to the now-late Keith Emerson, but I yam what I yam.)

So, when this came across--Palmer, one snare, two sticks--I was pretty impressed.

The other one (might you believe that it arose out of suggestions of "related clips" to the Palmer solo?) is a clip of Buddy Rich.  He may have been an obnoxious and thoroughly unpleasant human being, but holy frap-ray, Calvin, that man truly was a player without peer.

Never really got into big band, personally, but I'd be an idiot not to recognize that sort of mastery for what it is.  Wow!

And now they seem suitably documented.  :-)